TTA International captures customer experience feedback with SurveyMonkey

A SurveyMonkey solution helps TTA International, a global learning and development services leader, navigate the feedback economy.

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As today’s feedback economy continues to evolve, organisations delivering professional services need to measure and act on customer experience. Positive customer experiences increase repeat revenue and customer references; poor experiences reduce them.

A case in point: Matthew Lansheuvel is a project manager with TTA International, a global leader in learning and development services with strong roots in the automotive and manufacturing industries, based in the Netherlands.

According to Lansheuvel, TTA International needed an automated solution to gather actionable customer feedback at scale in a way that complements personal customer interactions.

Listening to customers at scale with surveys can help streamline and standardise the process for capturing customer experience, while making it easier to visualise trends in customer feedback.

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SurveyMonkey “is an easy, quick, and clear way to ask for feedback, whereas we used to ask people for their input manually causing extra administration.”

Project Manager, TTA International

With SurveyMonkey, Lansheuvel collects customer experience feedback, both on a regular cadence and after customer specific events. He uses his SurveyMonkey team plan to measure:

  • How well TTA International’s services fulfil customers’ needs
  • What customers like and dislike about the company’s product or service
  • How customers would rate their interactions with TTA International

What helps SurveyMonkey stand out and generate success? Lansheuvel notes three key aspects of SurveyMonkey as “superior”: survey templates, ease of use, and data export. Lansheuvel agrees strongly that his SurveyMonkey team plan helps him feel confident that he’s asking the right questions and makes it easier for TTA international to measure how they’re tracking against customer-oriented goals. SurveyMonkey also reduces the time it takes to get actionable customer feedback and makes the process of getting customer feedback less manual.

According to Lansheuvel, SurveyMonkey makes it easier to work cross-functionally in order to measure and improve customer experience. Best of all, Lansheuvel says TTA achieved a return on their investment in under 6 months.

This case study was sourced using TechValidate by SurveyMonkey.

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