SEAFOODTOMORROW is funded by the European Union, and aims to validate and optimize commercial solutions for improving the socioeconomic and environmental sustainability of the seafood production and processing industry, while contributing to product quality and safety. To achieve these objectives, the project needs the stakeholders' support and input. For this reason, we would be most grateful if you could devote a few minutes to complete this web-based questionnaire, which investigates educational needs in the seafood sector. Your comments and feedback will help shape the progress and outcomes of the project, in this case the development of a free-of-charge e-learning tool for the seafood industry, ensuring it is fit-for-purpose.

 Your answers are anonymous and will be kept confidential.

Thank you very much for your cooperation.

For more information about SEAFOODTOMORROW, visit or contact Alice Tediosi (

* 1. Please indicate which category you belong to:

* 2. What is your role in the company/institution?

* 3. What is the size of the enterprise you work for?

* 4. In which country are you located?

* 5. Which of the following categories best represents your level of education?

* 6. Please indicate your gender.

* 7. Please indicate your age.

* 8. How did you obtain the majority of your work-related knowledge?

* 9. Do you use online materials for learning purposes?

* 10. How often do you use these online materials?

* 11. How would you define the level of information you gained - in your education or training at work - about the following topics? (Please mark one answer in each row).

  Excellent (1) (2) Neutral (3) (4) Poor(5) Never heard about it
 Seafood safety (e.g. chemical contamination in seafood/environment, biological contamination)
Seafood quality (e.g. chemical composition, nutritional benefits, sensory acceptability)
Sustainability (e.g. certification schemes, labelling, traceability)
Technology development (e.g. seafood handling in processing and production)

* 12. How would you describe the following online formats to obtain information about seafood quality, safety and sustainability? (Please mark one answer in each row).

  Excellent (1) (2) Neutral (3) (4) Poor(5) I do not know
Simple learning resources (e.g. text, images and charts)
Downloadable materials (e.g. manuals, checklists, guidelines)
Audio-video materials
Webinars (e.g. video-audio conferences, chat-based)
Online software or simulation games
Online help and expert systems (e.g. individual tutored activity)
Online group activities (e.g. discussion forums, chat, shared applications)

* 13. To what extent are you interested in, or do you consider relevant to receive more information about the topics listed below? (Please mark one answer in each row)

  Very interested(1) (2) Neutral(3) (4) Not interested(5) I do not know
Feed from sustainable sources for tailor-made fortified fish
Integrated Multi Trophic Aquaculture (IMTA) for sustainable aquaculture production
Energy and water savings in seafood processing
Automated traceability systems and labels of quality
Predictive modelling for microbiological hazard management
Certification schemes of seafood quality and safety
Integration of sensors for management of seafood production systems
Strategies to remove contaminants from seafood products
Reduction of risks from harmful algal blooms and human norovirus in shellfish production areas
Sodium reduction in seafood products
Digestible tailor-made seafood products for specific population groups

* 14. How much time would you be willing to spend in a day on e-learning programmes?

* 15. Please indicate to what extent you agree or disagree with the following statements related to online educational provision and training in the seafood sector. (Please mark one answer in each row).

  Totally agree(1) (2) Neutral(3) (4) Totally disagree(5) I do not know
On-line training tools/materials are available
On-line training tools/materials are available but not in my native language
On-line training tools/materials are available but difficult to access or expensive
On-line training tools/materials are available but the contents are not satisfactory for my specific needs
On-line training tools/materials are available but the format is not satisfactory for my specific needs
On-line training tools/materials are available but unappealing

* 16. Please list any valuable training initiative(s) related to the seafood sector that you are aware of and that is (are) relevant for your activities.