Dear participant,

the survey consists of three main sections:

Dimension 1: Definitions of the phenomenon (i.e. what brand hijacking is) and consequences (i.e. main organizational goals/effects that can be suffered due to brand hijacking actions)

Dimension 2: motivations and profiles of the subjects that undertake hijacking actions (who are the brand hijackers and why they implement their hijacking initiatives?)

Dimension 3: Affinity with further theoretical concepts

The tasks we would like you to carry out are:
1. To revise the existing “propositions” and assess its adequacy in relation to the three dimensions proposed. Please indicate the items to be removed and/or suggest amendments regarding proposition identification (e.g link with existing research in the field) and description.

2. To suggest further items you consider relevant for each dimensions and to be included to improve concept delimitation.

Propositions are derived from relevant excerpts in the books/articles in the literature on the topic "brand hikacking" or "brandjacking"

We acknowledge that time is a very scarce resource and we really appreciate your efforts in participating to this Delphi. Likewise, we would like to receive your feedback by February 28th in order to carry out the following 2nd (and final) Round as soon as possible.

If you might need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail (indicated below). Many thanks for your time.

Best regards,

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