Automatically turn survey answers into tasks, spreadsheet rows, sales leads, CRM contacts and more.
Create tasks, tickets or spreadsheet rows automatically whenever surveys are submitted
Sync new and historical responses from months to years back
Set up in minutes code-free with a simple self-serve interface
Automate updates to save time and eliminate manual exports

Unito’s SurveyMonkey integration lets you automatically turn survey answers into work items in your other apps and tools whenever surveys are completed. A work item can be a task, ticket, card, spreadsheet row, and more.

Anyone can sync SurveyMonkey responses in minutes flat by setting up a flow in Unito. A flow is the connection between two apps or tools made of rules (triggers) and fields.

Rules tell Unito when to sync a survey response, and field mappings let you pair fields from each SurveyMonkey response to fields in other apps or tools.

Whenever the trigger event(s) happen, Unito will automatically create a work item in your other app or tool synced to your SurveyMonkey results.

Any changes to the results will then appear in your synced work item.

Featured Use Cases:

Connect SurveyMonkey to a spreadsheet so that each response appears as a row with all the details you need—without needing to manually update each spreadsheet cell yourself. 

Include survey tracking in your sales funnel by connecting responses to an email marketing platform, spreadsheet or other app to get a more complete picture of your lead data.

Turn customer feedback into action items or insights (tasks, tickets, or issues) in a project management tool automatically so your team can address feedback quickly and efficiently.

Featured Connectors:

Spreadsheets & Databases: Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, Airtable, Notion

Marketing Automation: Hubspot, MailChimp

Support: Zendesk, Jira

Project Management: Asana, monday.com, ClickUp, Trello, Wrike

Collaboration: Slack, Intercom

Forms & Surveys: Jotform, Google Forms, Typeform

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Additional Resources:

Unito’s Help Center contains additional information about this SurveyMonkey integration, as well as step-by-step getting started guides.