Connect SurveyMonkey with 80+ apps. Transfer survey responses, create workflows.

Sviluppato da allows you to integrate SurveyMonkey with 80+ apps.

Transfer survey response data to your desired apps the way you want. Create automated workflows that run on a new response.

Apps you can connect

Some of the popular apps you can connect: 

and many others.

Use cases

Here are some popular use cases for between SurveyMonkey and other apps


Perform automated tasks (in other apps) when there is a new survey response
Run a workflow across your apps on a new response
Connect with 80+ popular apps
Free plan available


Free forever. No credit card required.
Questa app vorrebbe:
  • Visualizzare le tue indagini e quelle condivise con te
  • Visualizzare WebHook per ricevere notifiche quando vengono apportate modifiche nel tuo account
  • Create and edit webhooks to receive notifications when there are changes in your account
  • Visualizzare se le indagini nel tuo account presentano risposte e i relativi metadati
  • Visualizzare tutti i tipi di risposta

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