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How is digital shaping our understanding of what matters most to the future of sustainability?
Lundquist.future examines how companies measure up to stakeholder expectations in their digital communications and engagement. Our internationally recognised research – first launched in 2007 – engages with sustainability professionals, corporate responsibility experts and all those whose professional or personal interests lead them to engage with business on responsibility and sustainability issues. Over the years, we’ve gleaned copious insights from the 1,600 responses received.

We're engaging with you because we know that good communications depends on understanding each other and we greatly value your contribution. At the end of the survey, you can leave your details so we can share the findings of this research (of course, all other aspects of the study are anonymous).

This year we want to know your opinion of how better stakeholder engagement can lead to improved communications, especially in digital, which is driving changes in company-stakeholder relations. Much has been made of materiality of late – an exercise in determining what is relevant for each company from a sustainability point of view by engaging internally and externally. We want to hear your experience of and views on engagement and materiality, and to understand if and how you expect companies to change their reporting and communications as a consequence.

For questions or comments, please contact Paolo Cominetti (paolo.cominetti at lundquist.it) or tweet us @Lundquist.

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