MYHEALTH ( is a EU funded project which aims to improve the healthcare access of vulnerable immigrants and refugees by developing and implementing models based on the knowhow of a European multidisciplinary network.

The main outcome will be an interactive map (and database) available on the website with key referent sites (refugee camps, NGOs offices, community healthcare departments, etc) that provide support to migrants and refugees.
In order to accomplish that we ask you to fill in all the information requested.


Read all the information requested and collect them before answering.
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* 1. Your email address

* 2. Name of the Organisation/Service

* 3. Type of Organisation/Service

* 4. Brief description (max 144 characters) of the Organisation/Service
This description will be immediately visible on the interactive map. In order to be effective and to best promote the organisation/service try to be clear, short, simple, like in a tweet.
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* 5. Primary country of the Organisation/Service
In which country(-ies) is the Organisation/Service located and active?

* 6. The primary target(s) of the Organisation/Service's activities is/are...

* 7. If applicable: The activities of the Organisation/Service are directed to (gender)...

* 8. If applicable: The activities of the Organisation/Service are directed to (legally adults/minors)...

* 9. Main activities of the Organisation/Service (please check max 3 answers) are...

* 10. Are there any specific requirements to access?

* 11. If yes, please list the specific requirements

* 12. Cost

* 13. Spoken languages
Which language(s) is/are used in the Organisation/Service?

* 14. Head office address and contact information

* 15. Additional contact information

* 16. Website
Copy and paste the web address of the Organisation/Service

* 17. Opening hours

* 18. Do you know about other Organisation/Service that may be relevant for the purpose of MYHEALTH project?

* 19. If yes, please provide other Organisation/Service contact information

* 20. If you have any comment or question please feel free to write to or share your thoughts/suggestions in the space below.