VisualMusic is a EU research project that develops affordable and intuitive software for VJs and DJs to generate and synchronize 3D motion graphics during live music performance.

In this project, we adopt a user-centered design process, where users' preferences and needs are at center stage. This anonymous survey help us to understand VJs and DJs preferences in terms of software to prepare and manage live music performance. If you are a VJ or a DJ then let your voice be heard.

Participation in the survey is voluntary; the survey includes 30 questions; it can be interrupted at any time, and the partial data you entered will not be used. Since the survey is anonymous we will not use your name for promotional purposes. The data collected will be retained by the by HIT Research Centre (University of Padua, Italy) who designed the survey itself, and will be used exclusively for research purposes within the visualMusic project, in accordance with European standards for the protection of personal data (Directive 95 /46/EC and 2002 /58/EC). For more information about the survey, please contact prof. Luciano Gamberini (luciano.gamberini @ Participation will not be financially compensated. 

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5. I am aware that my participation is voluntary and I can stop the survey at any time.

Thanks for participating, your contribution is very much appreciated