Our mission is to cater in the best possible way to the participants of our Tours in order to make their travel experience as memorable as possible. 
One very important way to achieve this is to tailor each tour not only to the desires, but also to the necessities of the participants of each single tour.

As we are fully equipped, knowledgeable and certified (we are glatt kosher and kosher certified) we can cater to all denominations practices and needs.
In order to ensure that your group (whether of friends, family or belonging to the same Temple or Jewish Institution) has a truly memorable experience we need your input on the following:

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* Kashrut and any other food restrictions (allergies, intolerances, …)
Please specify what level of kashrut your group requires throughout the trip:

(*) all kosher or glatt kosher meals and snacks will be included in the tour package costs  
(**) for all our “kosher style” or “else” customers some meals, specified in the tour plan details, will be provided and all other meals will be up to the participants (naturally suggestions and advice will be provided)

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* Religious practice and services:
Shabat will always be reserved for services and prayers, or, at the participants discretion, for rest and free time activities. Should your tour timings and activities take into account daily Schachrit, Minha and Arvit prayers:

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* Sights and activities:
Do you have any limitations about visiting:

  Yes No
Churches and/or other Christian religious sites
Museums or exhibitions displaying paintings or sculptures depicting nudes or Christian subjects
Archeological sites where there might be catacombs and/or funeral monuments such as the Etruscan ones

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* Talks/Lectures
will your group be interested in one or more talk/lecture given by experts on the following subjects?

  Yes No
Italian history
Italian art history
History of the Italian Jews and Judaism

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* Contact information

Thank you for helping us to make your “La Tour I-Talya” experience even more memorable!