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This 15-minute survey is a part of the EU-funded project: ‘Print Your Future’, co-coordinated by Intergraf and UNI Europa Graphical, with the support of a team of national experts. It is about attracting a new skilled workforce for quality jobs in the European graphic industry.

Our 18-month project will help to address skills and recruitment issues in the European printing industry. The project focuses on Estonia, Germany, the Netherlands and Portugal, but it will develop pilot initiatives and a toolbox of materials which will also be applicable in other countries, so it has a high relevance for Europe as a whole.

The European printing industry faces a double challenge when it comes to recruitment: to attract a new generation to the sector, but also to ensure the appropriate VET studies are taken up in order for new recruits to acquire the necessary technical skills in a continuously changing technological and digital environment. It is within this context that we have set four specific objectives to achieve in our project:
  • diagnosis;
  • identification of best practices;
  • capacity building and implementation;
  • communication campaign.
This survey will inform the development of various tools to meet these objectives.

You have been invited to complete this survey because you are a stakeholder in our industry and your opinion is very important to us!

Please note that this project was started before the COVID-19 crisis, and thus aims to provide solutions for the post-COVID-19 future of the European printing industry. The situation continues to develop and we do not yet know all of the outcomes for printers. But we do know that the graphical sector will make it through this crisis and will afterwards need support – recruitment included. This survey should be specifically filled in with a post-COVID-19 future in mind.

As a participating organisation, you are entitled to receive the results of this study and toolkit. Please provide us with your contact details in order for us to communicate this information to you when it is available.

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* 1. I agree for my data to be used for this project’s purpose.

All data collected through the survey will be considered confidential and used in an aggregated manner only for the purposes of the project. NO INFORMATION WILL BE USED IN A DISAGGREGATED MANNER AND DISSEMINATED OUTSIDE THE PROJECT PARTNERSHIP.

We take the protection of your data very seriously, including compliance with the GDPR. Your data will be stored by us on specially maintained servers. These are protected by technical and organisational measures to prevent loss, destruction, access, modification or dissemination of the data by unauthorised persons. Only a limited number of authorised researchers will have access to your data

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