Welcome to the European Social Collaboration Survey 2019.

What’s Social Collaboration? We define it as “a set of strategies and technologies that help groups inside an organization communicate, coordinate and cooperate towards a common goal”.
At 5 years of distance from its first edition, this study aims at further nurturing the market maturity by providing an up-to-date, european-wide and more mature look at the drivers, barriers, success factors, benefits and future trends of Social Collaboration initiatives across sectors. 

Participation remains fully anonymous, shouldn't take more than 15 minutes and is limited to organisations with operations in Europe. Results will be published online, under free access, to guarantee the broadest diffusion of the learnings we’ll all achieve.

We invite you to join the study, spread the word and work with us at growing our collective ability to build more transparent, agile and human organisations!

Thanks for your help

Emanuele Quintarelli and Stefano Besana (EY)
Enrico Scarso and Ettore Bolisani (University of Padova)
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