N.B.: This survey is intended for the Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Manager in your organization. If you cover another position within the organization, we would be grateful if you could forward this surveyto the HSE manager.

The European Commission has launched a study to explore measures for strengthening the potential of the Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS)
to create further added value for authorities and organisations.

The aim of the present questionnaire survey is to investigate the adoption and effectiveness of regulatory relief measures addressed to organizations registered to EMAS.

Regulatory relief measures associated to EMAS aim at streamlining and simplifying the administrative, bureaucratic and financial duties that organizations must fulfil in order to operate, as a reward to their “above average” voluntary commitment to environmental improvement and legal compliance.

This survey is exclusively addressed to EMAS-registered organizations, it is anonymous and it does not concern sensible data. Data will be presented in aggregated form only.

The estimated time for completion is 20 minutes.

The survey is divided in 6 short sections:

- Section I: Respondent's demographics;
- Section II: Reporting obligations;
- Section III: Regulatory reliefs;
- Section IV: Policy framework and stakerholders engagement;
- Section V: Suggestions for new regulatory reliefs;
- Section VI: Role of the environmental management system (EMS);

Thank you for your availability!

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