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Thank you for taking the Survey.

The COVID19 emergency is managed by our front line healthcare professionals, who have been able to provide medical assistance of the highest level despite the difficult circumstances.
However, in order to slow the spread of the virus, the population is required to cooperate in a very simple way: by "staying at home".
Nonetheless, “staying at home” implies being forced to change one's lifestyle, especially in terms of reducing one’s physical activity. Not only has the physical exercise been reduced but in some cases it has even been brought down to zero, causing a greater perception of stress.

By taking ten minutes of your time to answer the questions in the following survey (anonymously if you wish) you will help us understand how to intervene in order to improve the quality of life of those who are confined in their homes.
To ensure your privacy and anonymity are protected, it is specified that all the information and data inserted in this survey will be treated in compliance with the current privacy policy. The data will only be processed in aggregate form.
The following survey was evaluated by a panel of medical experts (see list below) and disseminated by numerous institutions, associations, medical clinics and scientifically trusted social media sources.
It is currently available in Italian, English and Spanish.
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