Research objective

As an expert in the maritime logistics industry, we kindly ask you to complete this anonymous questionnaire and contribute to our research on green strategies (GS) in the port sector. We are studying to what extent GS performed by Port Authorities/Port Managing Bodies (PAs/PMBs) generate advantages for port stakeholders in addition to environmental benefits.

According to the literature, we have identified 10 categories of port stakeholders that are briefly summarised below:

Shareholders/owners. Public entities or private organisations/firms holding an equity share in the Port Authority (PA) or Port Managing Body (PMB) or are entitled to appoint PA/PMB board of directors or executive directors.

Financial community. Financial and credit institutions providing financial resources to support PA/PMB investment decisions and port development.

Employees and labour unions. Labour unions and people working at both executive and operational levels in the PA/PMB, public institutions (customs, coast guard, etc.) concessionaires, as well as labour pools.

Terminal operators. Firms that own or otherwise operate a terminal through a concession.

Other concessionaires. Firms holding at least a concession in the port area related to warehouses, industrial areas, logistics platforms, malls, or commercial areas.

Carriers. Shipping lines (container, ro-ro, cruise companies, etc.) and tramp operators (liquid bulk, dry bulk, etc.).

Port users. Freight forwarders, ship agents, brokers, road hauliers, railway companies, logistics providers, etc.

Passengers. A traveller on a ferry or a cruise ship who passes through the port for embarking/disembarking.

Local community and societal groups of interests. People and organisations located in the proximity of the port areas and directly or indirectly affected by the port operation and business.

Regulatory agencies. Policymakers and public institutions setting the institutional framework and governance mechanisms

The questionnaire will take you about 10 minutes.
Thank you for your collaboration.