Stakeholder Survey
Contribution to Policy Dialogue

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Thank you in advance for the attention dedicated to this survey!

Through this questionnaire, the i3 project is gathering information about the most important issues that you are facing in your project on in your company from a policy perspective and about the topics that you think need to be discussed at political level to improve and empower the Media Convergence sector.

In the first survey that took place in November 2016, a first definition of topic has been possible. In this second round, the aim is to collect updated information to be reported in the policy guidelines directed to the European Commission that i3 will produce in the following months.

The survey will take about 10 minutes to be completed. Please answer all questions from your viewpoint in the designated space.

In case some questions are not applicable to your situation, or show aspects you think are not relevant for Media Convergence, please send us your comments/opinions to help us improving the questionnaire.

If you have comments or questions on this questionnaire or you need any support or clarification please contact Simona De Rosa at

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* 1. Are you replying as:

* 2. In your opinion, how important are the following challenges faced by Media Convergence and Social Media sector?

  Unimportant Of little importance Moderately important Important Very important
 Market barriers reduce economic opportunities in the field of Media Convergence. Actions have to be taken to overcome barriers
Innovative business models have to be considered and discussed to enhance economic opportunities
Fake news and content verification have to be the priorities of EC
Research ideas in Media Convergence are not adequately supported in terms of economic resources to go on the market. Additional efforts is needed
Data privacy and copyright has to be improved according to the emerging technologies

* 3. In your opinion, looking at topics following described, which are the medium and long-term technologies that should be supported most in terms of European funding in the Media programme?

  Unimportant Of little importance Slightly important Important Very important
 Immersive technology
Multi devices technology  
Technology for accessibility
Technology for quality content and content verification
Big data for Media

* 4. Considering your experience in the field, please enlist 3 topics that from your perspective have to be discussed from the European Commission to improve R&D in the Media Convergence sector. If possible, for each of the three topics add a reference that can support your position.

* 5. At the current stage, how do you assess the degree of support received by EC for both research and technological development in the Media Convergence and Social Media sector?

* 6. Which kind of actions do you expect from the EC in order to foster research and technological development in the field? Please selected one or more options from the following list and provide a short description